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one two three, counting off to the game
playing all my cards
go big or go home
unknown, uncertain, rose garden, rock gnome
sailing silver seas all the same

projecting emotions & identities
locked in patterns
broken up, broken down
like a porcupine in a midwest town
rain coming down & it’s starting to freeze

so comical this delirium
i hope to feel this way again
a chime of something new
& yet again
before this ends
let me float for just a little bit more

In Garnet Nations

can you even testify before this verse begins?

spurring on like a doll’s head
chewed up clockworks
repeated imagery
like an echoing testimonial
etched on the walls of your kitchen

gloriously fizzy
& promethean in your depths
not completely unlike an unbuilt city
forgotten on the ocean floor

& vision incongruous
belted out across the plains
to testify the end of everything

No Egress

turn my bones to dust, why
don’t you? put me in the grave
& see how long i stay there before
i come dancing out
with my happy loss on
a chain around my neck

Achievement Unlocked

As 2018 became 2019, I decided to try working a new habit into my morning routine. After feeding my cat and making myself a cup of coffee, I would sit at my laptop and write a paragraph of fiction. Every morning. Not a paragraph of the same story, not a paragraph that would necessarily grow to be larger than a paragraph, definitely not a paragraph I would show anyone. Just write at least one paragraph, at least three sentences long, of something fictional. It could be the beginning of a story. It could be the ending on an unwritten story. It could fall somewhere in the middle. It could just be a description of a person, a thing, a place. It could be some fictional history or other worldbuilding. It could just be practicing sentence structure and otherwise be nonsense. I just wanted to get into the habit of practicing writing the way an artist sketches or a musician practices their instrument.

As of today, I’ve written a full month of paragraphs. What do I do now?

I mean, besides keep writing, obviously.


i know i’m loveable
but please tell me anyway
because between
sunset & sunrise
my mind goes racing

i know i’m deserving
but please go ahead
remind me again & again
when i’m feeling
crushed & marooned
imagining a starless sky

which is
quite often

i know
i know
i know not to listen to
the voice in the night
& yet
between the sun & the moon
between the candle & the star
reflected in my eyes
is a hint
that i need you to remind me
i’m loveable