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Getting Things Undone

I’m starting this blog post with some ideas bouncing around my head and no idea how, or if, I’ll finish it. Here we go!

We live in a society built from industrialism, an ecosystem of factories connected to other factories, all within larger factories. Our school lives and our work lives revolve around the clock. Our schooling is mostly centered around being productive. Most of our jobs are centered around being productive. (I remember a McDonald’s commercial that ran while I was an undergrad, where an actor playing a McDonald’s employee says proudly, “At McDonald’s, we say if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.”) The unemployed, people on welfare and other social assistance, are demonized as being “unproductive” members of society. The business world has produced books, videos, self-help lectures, webinars, blogs, etc etc etc about increasing your productivity, and this has spun off into the creative world, home life, school. We’re wasting time doing things that don’t help us be productive, so we need to be better at managing our time, better at prioritizing our projects, better at getting things done. (Continued)

Violent Blues

roses are red
thanks for the first time
today is my favorite butter canada
christmas country life right now & i’m not sure
which one of the things i’m here for

flamingos are pink
& i’m sorry i’m at the dentist
today is my day last night
that means a lot to you & you

cats are black
spot gold rose to be in the chat
triggered by the time you get to see
how did you miss my best friends

ghosts are grey
today i just don’t think you
told her about the cat cupcakes
for real though i remember it being defined as swollen

Saints Preserve Us

heart so full, how do you cope?
how do you stop the world from spinning?
crashed like an operator
toothless maw
with breathless beats
no nothing west of junebug sleep

this puppetry
how do you laugh
when wasted on wanting the world to stop?
this question mark
another rhyme
or something written to pass the time
clocks come undone

no nothing left
no words left to describe this beat
this spinning world
an imperfect dream
heart do full, how do you cope?

The Tip of the Iceberg

children of the revolution, fallen
like stars from an ochre sky
your bright eyes like cars in the distance
like tiger sharks on a moonless night

listen up!
this love you found crashes as the tide
on an empty beach, a brick
tossed through a white-frame window
& you feel the heat of your blood rise

we were never cool, we were
the tip of the iceberg in a rising sea

your fluidity shocks & inspires
your bright eyes like skyscrapers at night
burning down a sinking ship

& nobody knows where we’re going

Here There Be Draggin’

I spend a lot of time thinking about writing. Much more time thinking about it than actually doing it. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been writing poetry consistently for a while, posting poems twice a week. I tweet a lot, I post little rants and raves on Facebook, but fiction? Not so much with the fiction writing. Just thinking about the fiction writing. (Continued)