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A Trainwreck Good Day

pink crushed sliver like a vagabond
you princess of the moon
you say wherever you are
is like nowhere, no one can see

called into free
speak for them
is like nowhere, no one can see
so think, so dream, pink crushed sliver

you forlorn, ragged & vague
you princess of the moon
your heart sprung free
speak for them
no one else will speak the truth

so think, so dream, like a vagabond
wherever you are, you see
pink crushed sliver of their hearts
is like nowhere
so speak for them

Fruit Stand Mix

miss a beat
when truth’s called out
try to pretend you’ll never recover
sinking so long
you’ll never touch bottom
& never break surface again

mist & rain
roar like a dragon
imagining nothing could ever save you
crystalline heart
feels like it could shatter
you’ll never touch fortune again
in the dawn
the melting light of dawn

miss a step
fall all the way down
to finally touch bottom
& maybe
start clawing your way back up

Kissed in a Blue Swing

falling upside-down onwards
calling out for me

beauty has a goal
she is not for a goal
you have the best for you

falling out with no fear
beauty is not a goal
she is your friend for gold
for you

beauty is not her goal
she has a life of her own
she is your friend for gold
for you

Forecast of Candy Showers

it makes as much sense as any lines i write
& probably comes from
the same lost place
where wasps & ghosts & champions battle
a neverending story of games & wars

but the truth is
i don’t know
anything except
i want your time & your eyes in mine
i want you on my team
without drafting you into my wars

i don’t want it to be complicated
but complicated is all i know
oh well
here we go again

White Knight

there’s a furnace in my head
it’s melting
melting down the silver
raging like a fever

put an ice cream cone in my hand
tell me
tell me
tell me to freeze
stretch out & wait for the fall

puddling around my feet
melting silver sparkles
an explosion in an old factory
in the darkest part of the city

stretch out & wait for the crush