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Getting Busy With the Orange

marmalade marmalade marmalade
i rub my hands together like
a fly thinking of love love love
unrestrained by the crests of
oceanic fears &
the cute hairdresser in the seashell
dress dreams outloud at night in shouts
& fits

marmalade marmalade marmalade
i’m in a terrible jam
because i’m the hepcat with
the comicbook heart my typographies
included in hightop scams &
faux attitude & it must be beautiful
to laugh in the face
of dying stars

& you twist like a licorice
louse & you tango like a dumptruck
so cool on the
street with your valentine brigade

marmalade marmalade marmalade
here comes the lovestained
brigade a cavalcade of cellular mitosis &
the cute hairdresser
from tiger mountain
leaps to my
citadel & asks me
about septicemia & the wonderful
empire of chairs her
aquatic lanterns at the ready

& you sing like a panda in
paris & you write poetry like a drunken
celt dancing in the night with your
marmalade marmalade marmalade…

Some Tools of My Trade

When it comes to writing prose, I’m pretty exclusively a computer user. Writing by hand is toooooo sllllooooooowww a process when it comes to getting stuff out of my head and onto a page.

But when it comes to jotting down ideas, writing things down so that I’ll remember them later (very important when you’re ADHD), doodling and daydreaming, I’m all about the pen and notebook. (I also write poems by hand. It’s a whole different thing than writing prose.) I’ve had a huge office/school supply fetish ever since I was a kid. I particularly love buying blank notebooks (full of so much potential!) and new pens (watching the ink flow across the paper–Heaven!). I adore Moleskines and other small, hardbound notebooks, but for daily use, I actually prefer composition books and spiral-bound notebooks. It hearkens back to being a kid in school, filling notebooks with a delirious mix of schoolwork, cartoons, maps of imaginary places, and story ideas.

my notebook & pen

Here’s my current notebook, “A Book of Impossible Things” (I usually give my notebooks titles), along with my pen of choice (it has quick-drying ink, which is extremely helpful when you’re a lefty who generally smears his writing with most pens and pencils). Inside is a daily journal of things of note that happen in any given day, rough drafts of poems, ideas on writing and other creative expressions, vague meeting notes from work, movie ticket stubs that I’ve taped onto pages, doodles, and other assorted, jumbled thoughts that have spilled out of my head and into my notebook.

I love how beat up my notebooks get. It shows how useful they are to me. And I like writing on graph paper more than regular lined pages. It’s kind of like playing Dungeons and Dragons all the time.

And now you have a little more insight into my processes.

Our Angel of Biscuits Most Brilliant

jump up! jump around! i’m feeling stupid
& profound all
wrappedup in coffee all jazzed on moonlight
bright white flowers bursting this
night will never end

hop hop rabbit! hop hop up!
there’s sugar in the coffeecup
there’s seaweed in
the maze & i’m dazed & crazed (&
only slightly fazed)
there’s sugar in the coffeecup there’s honey down
the well (ain’t it
fab? ain’t it swell?) ding dong!
ding dong!
pussy’s down the well

jump in! get
down! put on your golden
crown & dub yourself the monarch
of moths kissing that
spangled flame (now
see) there’s sugar in the
coffeecup there’s thistles
in the field there’s moonlight in your candy
skull (shining bright! shining

there’s sugar in the coffeecup there’s treacle down
the well (sticky & tricky &
oh so kicky) ding
dong! ding dong! honey’s
down the well

& you are my
astrology slightly lightly shining bright
(because) there’s sugar in the
coffeecup there’s magic in
the grass & you’ve amassed a
mass of class (oh
yes) there’s sugar
in the coffeecup there’s honey down
the well (get beat! get
sweet!) ding dong!
ding dong! (whatta
treat!) rabbit’s down
the well

Kitsune Mandala

in the corner of orange
i wait impatiently for bursting green &
fireworks starlight dripping from
my catholic shoes & i dream our lady of dandelions
blooming like blue eggs dancing
lightly on her
ragtime bones

in the corner of chalk
under the temple of the spangled priest i sleep
fitfully with your ragamuffin quilt
the taste of kisses
on my cheek with a sprinkling of angels
& a shower of
serpentine saudade
a brief glance of
teeth & the fall of
autumn hearts

in the corner of pepper i hear
the ocean of your tears moving quickly through the
velveteen shadows forever dripping starlight
drops into the
eye in the sand lost in the
tomb of king moon ra
a kindly crescent crybaby caul

in the corner of bright
on a bed of flowers between the
horns of hop & hollow i halo my
own masquerade growing lightning liquid with a sprinkling
of angels & a shower
of shattered shards a brief
glance of teeth & the
cartoon trap of springtime wine

What I’m Reading

What I'm currently reading

This is what I’m currently reading, what’s entertaining me, educating me, inspiring me (book-wise). Some of these are first time reads, some are rereads.

From top to bottom: The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke, The Emperor of Dreams by Clark Ashton Smith, In the Palm of Your Hand: a Poet’s Portable Workshop — A Lively and Illuminating Guide for the Practicing Poet by Steve Kowit, The Trickster’s Hat: a Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity by Nick Bantock, volume 2 of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol (the Brotherhood of Dada!), Wonderbook: the Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction by Jeff VanderMeer.