Monthly Archives: March 2014

Green Sunday

in the heart of the heart of my head
i found:

mosscovered bones & jewelled monsters
medicine jars & honey pots
jellytumtum language
an absolute thirst for sabotage
your sister’s mostforgotten baby
straw spun from gold
my incisors in an icecube trap
a hunger for miracles
a hatful of chopchop poetry
balloon letters & mirror pools
a knitted cap
magnets & swallows
the glorious fruitbats of lost ohio
delighted chalkboard
your winedark eyes slipping sand from shore

Those Summer Days

Those summer days were long and weary, but full of the plump expectations of rain and regret that seemed to always punctuate our time together.

I remember strolling down the great, stone steps to the shore, your soft hand in mine, as we chatted about the nights we’d lost to alcohol and fireworks, our clothes heavy with the scents of sweat, lavender, whiskey, and gunpowder. You told me about the old priest who had presented you with three keys–one of brass, one of silver, one of salt–when you were just a small girl in a bright-yellow dress. You had heard rumors of the priest moving to the far, frozen north to be a missionary, but who really knew? You could never remember his name, only the way his large, stonelike hands took yours as he told you of the ancient gods and the endless wars in Heaven and Hell.

We stood on the beach, watching the waves lap at the rocky shore, a shimmering, misty heat drifting from the water. A tear rolled down your cheek as I talked about my youth spent wandering through the labyrinthine cornfields of Iowa, my bare feet sinking in the damp soil, the ragged cuffs of my jeans caked with mud and dust. When the clouds turned to turquoise and the rain fell from the sky like an ocean, I knew I would one day live by the sea, drunk and in love, my heart so full of dreams, it felt as if it could burst.

We kissed on the beach as the sea trickled up to our ankles, our tongues and breath intertwined like ivy, until we became dizzy and fell into the sea. The waves carried us out into the cool, dark depths, prying us apart, casting us into the shadowy fathoms.

And now, I stand in my small, attic room in Guayaquil, listening to fat raindrops drum on the rooftop. I look at a photograph of us standing side-by-side at the entrance to the Doctor Viridian’s Midnight Carnival, and I wonder if we will ever see each other again.

Mercury Rising

like an elephant i am
with my face
in my trunk & i’m digging
through junk digging in the dirt

i’m just trying to find
all i left behind at
the end of the beginning
when i gave it
all away shook hands with
the devil in exchange for some brains

i had
mud on my hands
feet in the water
head in the clouds
stars in the gutter
blood on my hands
feet in the water
moon in the sky
hands in the fire

now i can’t
walk the path too busy reading
the map lost in a head full of
dust & my blood turned to rust
& the moon’s just a moon
just a rock just a lump

so i’m worming
through the mud sniffing up the buried
treasure remembering & relearning to
forget & to get all
sugared & starred
tasting wind &
snow & sweat grass stains on
my knees rain
in my shoes buzzing
in my hands blood & laughter &
dancing chewing wood into pulp warping time
drinking gulps of soda
devouring scouring my
head clean to be brilliantly stupid

i’ve got
mud on my hands
feet in the water
head in the clouds
stars in the gutter
blood on my hands
feet in the water
moon in the sky
hands in the fire


oh you devil you!
the sunpuffed days of spring are here
& we are all haloed & hallowed
meet me by the rabbitpatch
in your grabbity finest
take my hand
& kiss me underneath the velvet tree

oh you sweet swift pixie you!
with our heads on fire & our dancefilled pants
let’s let the balloons go free
while we circumnavigate the raingushed night
brimming with guile & glee
won’t you throw me down
& shag me underneath the apple tree?

oh you celestial ragdoll you!

wash me, toss me, tie me, try me, catch me, kiss me, push me, bash me, spin me, grin me, crush me, dust me, smoke me, king me, lose me, love me!


vagabond vagabond

oh velvet rush of flesh, flesh & bone, skin & bone
kiss skin swimming starlight ocean
rush of green, green velvet, green fuse, flash of green, green skin, green flesh, flesh is grass, green grass, green glass, skin is glass, ocean flesh, glass & bone, fish & grass, oceanic, wash of green, green drop drop flesh in oceanbed awash in glass, drop of wash, rush of tide, wild tide, wild ride, flash of green, green grass rushing wild

bag o’ bones
bag o’ bones

oh luscious touch of silk
oh so lush, just us
web of silk, web of roots, moss encrusted, crusty mossy, roots & rutabaga, bag o’ bones, boney trees, oceanic, mossy crusty crabby cross, silken web, net of jewels, pearl & drop, drop of moss, velvet mess, lush & green, green & blue, bugaboo, bag o’ bones, brain of green, luscious blue silk skin mossy soft & velvet rush

vagabond, bag o’ tricks, wandering wave & aimless rootless rutabaga bag o’ skin & bones, coral bones, rain of glass, fuse of green green pulse of rushing moss encrusted net of jewels
fishing in the net
tangled in the web, web of dreams, starry night
oh velvet oceanic bed

sleeping in the rain of stars & wash of night
a night like silk & washing moss, pulsing fuse of green light, bright as coral stars
a deep dark sea of sleep

vagabond vagabond
on the sea of sleep
dream a dark night deep & green