Monthly Archives: August 2014

Memories of Irresistible Toys

& if you think about it
the meaning of

a poem nailed to a door with
an umbrella
a sewing machine
a fire extinguisher
puppet strings & tattoo ink
loneliness & memories
mirrorballs & cattle prods

for a hint of mint
& a spot
of honey
going at it hammer & tongues
an explosion of
news & entertainment
& a pocketful of needles

& if you think about it
the meaning of

a small town nailed to a church
to burn all the witches
& drown all the lawyers
& sing sad songs to the stars

& if you think about it
it all falls into the mirrors
& your world disappears

Sonnet for Everyone

an explosion of fire-flowers bursting
through the midnight — & the glass
& the sky are dueling
with a frosty edge

vagabond stars & aging gods dance
beneath the whispering clouds
that pass in eloquence like
a squirrel on velvet

& the moon queen is my secret wife
my oldest love
my snowfall heart

in the indigo circle of dawn
the dogs are dreaming of
the rabbits of night
& there is no rain — there is
no umbrella shroud

never to be lost in the street of forests

& the moon queen is my secret love
my drunken dame
my oh so frozen heart

for now is the time
(as time can be counted)
for my cold blood
to thaw & race through my veins
like whiskey