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NaNoWriMo Inspiration #1

National Novel Writing Month is upon us again, and once again I’ve jumped in recklessly. I want to share my work as I go, but I don’t want to publicly post the sketchiness and shittiness of first draft writing. So instead, I’m going to post about the inspirations, the influences, theĀ sources for my current project.

A huge influence on this novel are the superhero comics I’ve been reading all my life, particularly the weirder, more cosmic comics. Stories of alien encounters and alien gods, time travel, multiple dimensions, strange magic and mad science, journeys into the mind and soul. Stories written and drawn on an epic, colorful canvas.

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For Hermes Still My Friend

crashing like a constable
collide the fire this time
escape in scopeĀ in hope escape
before a bear
before a boar

crushed apple like cotton
a wire kaleidoscope
burned with toast
strawberry burned
crushed to a crisp

toasted mutton spooned on gum
fired landscapes
all worsted wool pooled into petals
before a bear
before a bird

forking force of fevered fire
wrinkled thyme
in sage’s eye
in mercury a spoonful gaze

buttoned up a foamy sea

the doorbell chime a single match
sniffing shells collide in fire
before a boar
before a boon

toasted seaside needs my weeds
in mercurial gaze of speed