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Scissored Sweetness

thought but thoughts are open
i’m all alone
left with squirrels having sea-thoughts
having over no dark

i’m buried with the drowning she loves
caught seas thought under over one last
i’ve got it sparkling
i’m seized away the having inside
but is that magic killing me
having hopes

she thinks that chest is my haven
no caught all intensifies the need to ocean
a moon nocturnal with shining crowns
over ghosted & over that sees hand showers
devils dancing in desert rains
nickname stars to freeze & thorn

we’re angels to the night
but you are my upside
these stars are nothing catch seven but toy days
just desserts that sap bad suns
crystal chosen hold all nothing
see the peppermint here

silver something swim deeps left
& i’ve thought that down in my heart
the kingdom left
i’m all alone

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