Monthly Archives: January 2018

Relax Brigands

listen listen here
listen listen there

a derangement of the senses
could be frost or trazadone
dropped distracted into your coffee cup
storm side up
wind side down
listen listen here
listen listen there

don’t cut my goblin face
that wrestling match with forces of fear
could be dumb or blood sugar
frost flinging off your whirling crown
storm side up
wind side down
listen listen here
listen listen there

Which Way the Blackbird

a city briefly collapsing if anyone
balloon forward & out of place
best shoe ivy instantaneous cry
a glaze pushing girl talk gangs

bother the raven
after death a poison so dear
fruit flies or fruit pies
melting catastrophe like so much clockwork

it’s days like this that test me

torn down around the mire
swift as a cellophane shark but not
entirely bereft of wood stained red
dodgy as anything
but energized baking up trouble

too bold to be
too timid to tire

Broken Cup Leaking

broken broken broken but stuck like glue
to you, i don’t know how to be
anything else but a ringing bell
cracked up the side like a lion

cracking cracking cracking & shining through
like a golden lion asleep at the wheel
dreams clocking overtime, & you
holding my hand for what seems like forever
but nothing besides
in the shivers of the night

burning burning burning but glow like gold
always just like a ringing bell
in secret, moving with the cool kid phantoms
free from forever’s iron chains

all this besides
the rivers that run to the seas

Let It Out

candy apple winter, you have
my heart in a box on a string
loosely defined as a hotel by
the books i found in my basement

into the moment of release
thrown seconds
when all the clocks lose their hands

summer peach jam, my eyes
look mischievously in your direction
within the cabbage cart boundaries
like the raven told the west wind

incite the fires
inside the wonder of release
& incite the fires

Briefly Sparkling

skip across starlight, they said
to the loss
this ending will only be blue
misfortune from dusk all along
in the back
slinking sharp, never mind
to the grey

to the dark
in the slipstream, you asked
everything growing like weeds
but entwined, elastic
in dream of eternity unbound
to the light

of candle & starlight
so briefly sparkling