Monthly Archives: March 2018

A Gentle Touch

bother dust a fortune lost
bright orange in the falling dusk
a dawn away from losing out
we frequently our cereal

nothing ventured since the loss
bright yellow in our corneas
our rainbow shattered missing out
we frequently our cereal

toasted jam a molded front
despair not seeking from the fold
a night away from filling up
we frequently our cereal

less frequency our radio sleep
a dream away from cardio
bright apple in the cherry slope
we bother dust our fortunes


i don’t know what the future will bring
i’m not a seer
there’s no future
tomorrow never knows

& yet

the lightning is crackling
the storm is brewing
things are ragged & uneven
pregnant with suspicion & alarm

everything’s going to be all right
everything’s going to be all right
but the storm clouds stick around
the air tingles & buzzes
short sharp shocks to the senses
nerves lit up like new york

there’s nothing to fear but fear itself
fear is glued to the inside of my skull

After the Solstice, 1976

do you ever wonder where you’ll end up
what for is this empty hotel room
where you lie on the floor
& i see where you’ve gone to
so complicated
like a man teaching children
if you think you can

did you ever think you would end up
being adored by the ghosts of your children
with your bones on the floor
& your heart in a glass case
more complicated
than a monstrous affection that surprised you

& you sneak on by past the oceanside
with your skin on a hanger in the dark
& you freeze & you cry & you whisper in the night
to remember your life before you grew old

remember those weekends
remember those weekends
remember those weekends
& listen to the snow fall

Somebody Loves You

all along, this day was lost
our memories being tricky
like coyotes in the darkness
but everything’s fine

whiter than the earliest frost
a knot in the back of time
forbidding in its starkness
but everything’s fine

coloring in the clouds, why not
the aches & tears of confusion
a noon that turns to darkness
but everything’s fine

until we see, this day is lost
all mysteries going unsolved
asleep but blazing starkness
but everything
is just so great

Unlucky Rabbit

river rushing over me
painted charcoal & coral
can’t pick the words up
arctic fresher describe
in powdered notebooks close collide
in view of it all
in obtuse carnival smash
in cauliflower dusted rose
in scratches on arms
in rushing red river
in sleep disguised as calm
in every cluttered heart
in the middle of the cellar

i fell over…

river rushing over me
don’t leave a voicemail
can’t pick the words up
just hold my hand