Monthly Archives: May 2018

That’s Life, Rose Said

written with Diana Remigio

let’s begin in black

& it was in the silence that you found
your voice
your voice
to scream
burst at mountains that should have never formed
to feel the safety of your void

for there was never a home
no home to form

you are alone in this wasteland
you drew it yourself
torn in time, but sprinkled amongst your days
only to find a lover whom is nothing like your past

wake up!

& so let’s end with white


accumulating all the acid tracks
it’s what we have left
after the jelly breakdown jump
encircling mirrored collapse

in the corner store
painted like a carnival
no souls left to speak

accumulating all the hot deals
jelly breakdown jump
you spring the moon in twain
encircling mirrored collapse

Blur Refresh Obviously

i can’t see what i need to sing
ink chalice begone the intimate clock
so very purple mist in the
deepest chambers of my archived heart
i can’t
reverse explosion for template eyes
can’t see
mirrored orange obliviated
can’t speak like
a ghost turns to ice on the screen
all favors churning up mud
with a skull turned to sugar
with a tongue like dragon smoke
dancing across a crowded beach
mechanical grail drowning slivers of mind
i can’t sing anything
but this


take these ashes & open wide
there’s nothing left to burn
there’s nothing left to swallow
it’s just you & me tonight

an empty house
the stars above

take these scars & carve your heart
there’s nothing left to bleed
there’s nothing left to picture
we’ve fractured & we’re falling apart

an empty sky
no stars above

Squad Rules

cornered by my own haunted gaze
no exit
the only way out is through
the only way to feel is with your heart

the heart doesn’t know what it wants

but the endgame is
no end
the only real choice to make is
how do i keep playing when
i don’t have the strength to move?

the only way through is
out & out deception
a trick you play
on your own heart

no dice
no exit