Monthly Archives: February 2019

Consider the Time

mysteries come & mysteries go
but what i really want to know is
why is it such a long way down
when you’re hanging at the end of your rope?

& why is grammar so difficult
when you’ve been drinking all day & night?
when you scowl at the hint of light
after you’ve been hiding inside for years

history starts & history stops
& the vegetation grows over everything
roots reaching up & over the top until
your house is your tomb & you’re not mad at all

Queen of Fire

i’ve waited so long for this
lying in the dark
gazing at the stars
where did your love go?
to the bottom of the sea
crushed far beneath the waves?
to the back of the line
ridden off the rails
tumbling from a bridge?

i’ve waited so very long for this
you’re drinking yourself to sleep
i’m wondering
where did my love go?
lying in the dark
dreaming of the stars
flying up to the highest of highs
then crashing down deep
below the dusty earth

Curve Stomp Puddling

cherry broken pond & it’s time to go to bed
bubble blustering tree & it’s time to go to bed
make all lace look spaced
in tune as pure lunatic
pepper shaven sea & it’s time to go to bed

This Ocean View

you look like someone that
i once met in the dark
i spent a hundred thousand years
finding myself
if i had only known
what i was aiming for
i would have stopped
trying to hide away
my heart
do you remember
how it was when you
weren’t so afraid?

in this tiny cage that you’ve
forged around yourself you keep
your smiles locked up
oh so deep away & far across the world
is someone else instead who longs
to see you but will wait
another day
do you remember how it was when
you weren’t so afraid?
this ocean view
is nothing new
do you wish you
never felt alone?


one two three, counting off to the game
playing all my cards
go big or go home
unknown, uncertain, rose garden, rock gnome
sailing silver seas all the same

projecting emotions & identities
locked in patterns
broken up, broken down
like a porcupine in a midwest town
rain coming down & it’s starting to freeze

so comical this delirium
i hope to feel this way again
a chime of something new
& yet again
before this ends
let me float for just a little bit more