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Category Archives: poetry

This Ocean View

you look like someone that i once met in the dark i spent a hundred thousand years finding myself if i had only known what i was aiming for i would have stopped trying to hide away my heart do you remember how it was when you weren’t so afraid? in this tiny cage that […]


one two three, counting off to the game playing all my cards go big or go home unknown, uncertain, rose garden, rock gnome sailing silver seas all the same projecting emotions & identities locked in patterns broken up, broken down like a porcupine in a midwest town rain coming down & it’s starting to freeze […]

In Garnet Nations

can you even testify before this verse begins? indecision spurring on like a doll’s head chewed up clockworks repeated imagery like an echoing testimonial etched on the walls of your kitchen gloriously fizzy & promethean in your depths not completely unlike an unbuilt city forgotten on the ocean floor & vision incongruous belted out across […]

No Egress

turn my bones to dust, why don’t you? put me in the grave & see how long i stay there before i come dancing out with my happy loss on a chain around my neck


i know i’m loveable but please tell me anyway because between sunset & sunrise my mind goes racing stumbling storming crumbling i know i’m deserving but please go ahead remind me again & again when i’m feeling shaken insecure false-started broken-hearted crushed & marooned imagining a starless sky which is honestly quite often i know […]