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Category Archives: poetry

Finding Berries in Warm Climates

my standard my standard is to not be what you want so dry high so cry that loneliness swimming all alone now we quaver like in school new found wrinkle now this time so dry high enough why try why try loneliness my standard toothy grin not expected so soon alone blue ocean alone that […]

The Villain Hissed

scarlet abyss call to me each night surrender everything which to call sparkledust panting in breath of flight simple sweet murmur wish to fall singing oceanic before the blight surrender everything which to call stirring sweet snowglobe pure in sight shocking electric midnight ball singing oceanic before the blight slipped a galaxy like on a […]

Personal Attack

monsters on the outside crushed apples & broken glass within the hungriest ghost i know is selling tickets to my carnival it’s the only way to cut me down no truth because truth is a spiral & circling serpents bite off the truth clown around the inside a pocketful of paste without the hungriest ghost […]

Stopping in Parkville

what are words anyway? what is confidence? what is love? fear? complication? how does the rose know the sun? why is the rain? why am i not in love with you? why does a cat leap? where is my mind? where did my innocence go & can it be retrieved? are there tickets for the […]

Relax Brigands

listen listen here listen listen there a derangement of the senses could be frost or trazadone dropped distracted into your coffee cup storm side up wind side down listen listen here listen listen there don’t cut my goblin face that wrestling match with forces of fear could be dumb or blood sugar frost flinging off […]