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Category Archives: poetry

Violent Blues

roses are red thanks for the first time today is my favorite butter canada christmas country life right now & i’m not sure which one of the things i’m here for flamingos are pink & i’m sorry i’m at the dentist today is my day last night that means a lot to you & you […]

Saints Preserve Us

heart so full, how do you cope? how do you stop the world from spinning? crashed like an operator toothless maw with breathless beats no nothing west of junebug sleep this puppetry how do you laugh when wasted on wanting the world to stop? this question mark another rhyme or something written to pass the […]

The Tip of the Iceberg

children of the revolution, fallen like stars from an ochre sky your bright eyes like cars in the distance like tiger sharks on a moonless night listen up! this love you found crashes as the tide on an empty beach, a brick tossed through a white-frame window & you feel the heat of your blood […]

Vicious Aloe

she she she has no idea a carnival-poor sleep she she she she wishes for a charcoal night too serious to be in kind cascade of callous hearts the truth is buried deep in mud, in clay, in stone he he he has no idea a losing circus dream he he he he enchants for […]

A Gentle Touch

bother dust a fortune lost bright orange in the falling dusk a dawn away from losing out we frequently our cereal nothing ventured since the loss bright yellow in our corneas our rainbow shattered missing out we frequently our cereal toasted jam a molded front despair not seeking from the fold a night away from […]