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Category Archives: poetry

Lucky Rabbit in a Box

oh yes with the ocean things by an ever with an out with & not i with sweet emotion nothing you do the inevitable so you the fountains mingle is single all in the world & the rivers with the river the winds of do thine a chance & mingle why encounter you want to […]

For the Grins

draw your scars across the sky near infinite time your nightmares to begin at 2 no fear no lunacy just the insomnia of sweltering summer with a loud noise or a soft whine or the crumbling or the stony night wishing for thunderstorms the eagerly anticipated sequel to tears roll your bones on the table […]

Crown of Stars

all of the ashes around but still you shine like the brightest star in the sky i don’t understand i probably never will maybe it’s better that way but i can’t keep my mouth shut my face is frozen like this a lump in my throat & a stone in my shoe the world burning […]


lies under starlight when what i need are glorious meteorites crashing to earth all the things i can’t say or would mumble anyway when all my shooting stars are hiding on the other side of the vast galaxy in my head i know you can see them & you know i know you would say […]

Caramel Interpretations

oh my so hilarious shadow you take my breath away with your crooked schemes & hijinx until i cannot speak my words caught like glass in my throat oh my darling monster my rapscallion from the underverse it’s adorable how you take my breath away leaving my gasping in the dark shaking with fear like […]