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Category Archives: poetry


quake my bones before i’m too old in that secret place that you haunt like an owl scent of perfumed dust & loneliness holding back the sunlight listen closely i’ll only say this twice i can be brighter than anything when i’m not bored & alone in that secret place that you haunt like an […]

A Crack in the Pavement

pretending everything is good & it probably is but thinking makes it no so with our broken telescopes shattering the carnival around & within sometimes it’s all we’ve got that & hope

Three Little Words

how sweet it would be to open my mouth & tell you everything all the somethings in my head 1-10 a-z like stardust falling to the earth occasions come & go just like a calendar in a bin & you might never know the taste of seaweed the feel of skin electric the dash of […]

The Cave of Her Brightest Endeavors

clockwise & test for music off how fuzzy is the candlelight in your regard beams constructed across the shaking down the street try formulating dreams under ever fallen early to static & we all shiver memory you shared turn electric shocks music on twist & shave in water a key unlocks signal unbound true wooden […]

Dusted Violet

don’t betray my sweet within to say without not core cold measure wit to say but not just to say chill winded my sweet parade cascade catch close before we fall into weep within caroling con can’t cast fizzle wits but stuffed we sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep waking onwards betrayed