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Nothing New or Noteworthy

For quite a while this blog has mostly been poems. Poetry has been the easiest, most natural way I’ve been expressing myself. Until a few months ago when I stopped writing it altogether. Not forever and ever, just…I haven’t felt the necessity to write poems. I just realized there are two reasons why.

One, all writing is practice, and I was practicing poetry BUT I didn’t feel like I was getting BETTER (whatever “better” is) at it. I’ve been doing the same thing over and over without trying anything new or different, without pushing myself, without moving from the spot I was in.

Related to that, I just haven’t had anything to say with poetry. Nothing new, at least. Just saying the same things over and over. That’s as boring for me as it is for anyone reading what I write. Probably even more boring for me.

I’ll probably have something new to say and something new to try with poetry at some point. Until then, I’ll let my mind wander, take stuff in, let it all dance around in my head, and wait for something to say.


quake my bones before i’m too old
in that secret place that you
haunt like an owl
scent of perfumed dust & loneliness
holding back the sunlight

listen closely
i’ll only say this twice

i can be brighter than anything
when i’m not bored & alone
in that secret place that you
haunt like an owl

quake my bones before i’m too old
& don’t hold back the sunlight

A Crack in the Pavement

pretending everything is good
& it probably is
but thinking makes it no so
with our broken telescopes shattering
the carnival around & within

sometimes it’s all we’ve got

& hope

Three Little Words

how sweet it would be
to open my mouth
& tell you
all the somethings in my head
like stardust falling to the earth

occasions come & go
just like a calendar in a bin
& you might never know
the taste of seaweed
the feel of skin
the dash of darkness
the time
run down

it all comes out
bitten back with blood
it’s easier to sing a song
than tell the truth
to spit it out
& pale as a spoon

counting down the time
graphing x & y
this never was easy
at least
when push came to shove
i knew what to do

& maybe
i will again
be able to speak against
the thunder & hail
maybe tomorrow
maybe someday

The Cave of Her Brightest Endeavors

clockwise & test
for music off
how fuzzy is
the candlelight in your regard
beams constructed across
the shaking down the street

try formulating dreams under
ever fallen
early to static
& we all shiver
memory you shared
turn electric shocks
music on

twist & shave in water
a key unlocks
signal unbound
true wooden like bones
have you light
& noise
& a sonnet
composed of music off the street

early to shiver memory
turn electric dreams
under static
try formulating shocks & music
we all shared
you ever fallen