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Category Archives: poetry

Carousel Song

listen to this tumble dryer deep within my ribcage listen to this whistling wind rhapsodically cherry-flavored & cut from the same cloth as you under the same sky as you listen to this tumble dryer listen to this whistling wind delirium west-ended coughed up on the doorstep at midnight phrased as carefully as you whispered […]

The Horizon Seems So Much Further Away

sooner was remembered in crystal palaces forgotten i keep forgetting to be authentic because lies are easier under the light of a waxing moon


why can’t i shake myself away from the starlit witch? what could i do to break this spell? kiss delirium full on the lips & gaze into the jeweled eyes of the moon before insecurity eats my tongue my brain turned into apple jam what could she do to break the spell? tear my paper […]

Going on Transitive

i have a cat stacked runway hidden in my room at the end of the hallway beneath the bloody chamber in chalk & in lace crashing through the casement jam the crepuscular gloaming banging the piano mimosas spread butterfly wings like smiles on the window beneath the bloody chamber slam the murmur of cats losing […]

In a Cryptic Place

i found a secret message in the corner of your heart stitched together from half-spoken truths & i don’t know what to do with it feeling like a spy in the dreamhouse pixie dust like cigarette ash falling from the corner of your mouth & yet i never know what to do with you too […]