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Category Archives: poetry

Dusted Violet

don’t betray my sweet within to say without not core cold measure wit to say but not just to say chill winded my sweet parade cascade catch close before we fall into weep within caroling con can’t cast fizzle wits but stuffed we sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep waking onwards betrayed

Composition #66

engines are running it’s time for silence or wherewith to be all wrapped up like a sandwich always running in circles around my own head & even so folded up like paper cranes with a book propped up to go get out get out get out forthwith my own head

Today Is That Day

cowards die many feels these tugging deaths if we day beware into the technicolor waves of anxiety pulling me back no idle theme of ghost strings today is that away make no weak & this ache all by break but shadows have offended the cinemascope dream & obsession drifted into seafoam your galaxies & have […]

Dancing on Starlight

i used to think my heart would burst from all the dreams & storms inside but clocks & calendars & red flags turn the world to cold grey stone & even in a crowd you feel alone give me lightning & oceans & big pink heart-eyes forever enchanted & drunk if we’re not spending time […]

Reverse Then Shallow

i’m moving through veins like a virus walking around the steamwork parts entranced & doing my best to forget the monsters lurking behind still swiveling around the cage out of my depth but who cares about that? intergalactic in my head while outside meet the flesh that’s tied to earth & seed & sea & […]