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Category Archives: TV and film

Sebastião’s Adventure

I once had a dream about a movie adaptation of a book that’s never been written, and the movie went like this: An orphan boy named Sebastião lives with a troupe of traveling performers, a carnival of sorts. The troupe is presided over by an old woman everyone simply calls “Mamãe.” Mamãe spends most of […]

All Good Things…

I’ve been watching the entire run of Sapphire & Steel recently and just watched the final story, which is weird even for this show, with an ending that is pretty mindblowing and a definitive way to end the series. (If you’re not familiar with Sapphire & Steel, it’s a British SF show that ran from […]

The Four Seasons

A little joke popped into my head the other day, and I tweeted: I have a vague idea for a TV show called The Four Seasons. It would be set at a Four Seasons hotel & would run for four seasons. — Josh Neff (@joshuamneff) July 27, 2015 I got some very clever responses I […]