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Cabin in the Words

I did a thing! It was fun and brilliant and none of you will ever get to see it. Maybe. We’ll see.

I decided to do Camp NaNoWriMo this April. I failed at it, but more importantly, I succeeded at it. It turns out, if I give myself two goals, I have a better chance of hitting at least one of them. At least when it comes to writing. Actually, I can think of some other areas where that works, too, but that’s another blog post or two. (Continued)


take this love
this melting glass
this paper heart
these lungs of fire
i haven’t found a thing to do with them yet

since days long gone
this narrative spilled
generously in gemstone bowls
to drink
to laugh
to look unconfused
i haven’t found a thing to do with them yet

i’ve got what i want
but still
i haven’t got what i think i want
so painted tiger in the bedroom
i haven’t found a thing to do with them yet

without a mask
or so you’d think
but hidden all the same in paper hearts
i haven’t found a thing to do with them yet

49 Minutes to Midnight

so this is as it was & will most likely always be with my hands open & my eyes on the sky & the rain in my mouth & i’m laughing again at the world on fire when i’m losing sleep for not hiding my face where it belongs & i’m curled up next to you but too far away to touch

what do you remember?

is it always the same where you are when you were half-asleep & fizzy in the head like you used to be in the days when we were hopelessly lost but now it’s all gone away & i’m too far in to ever let go

i wish i could touch your skin but you’re only words on a page

Getting Things Undone

I’m starting this blog post with some ideas bouncing around my head and no idea how, or if, I’ll finish it. Here we go!

We live in a society built from industrialism, an ecosystem of factories connected to other factories, all within larger factories. Our school lives and our work lives revolve around the clock. Our schooling is mostly centered around being productive. Most of our jobs are centered around being productive. (I remember a McDonald’s commercial that ran while I was an undergrad, where an actor playing a McDonald’s employee says proudly, “At McDonald’s, we say if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.”) The unemployed, people on welfare and other social assistance, are demonized as being “unproductive” members of society. The business world has produced books, videos, self-help lectures, webinars, blogs, etc etc etc about increasing your productivity, and this has spun off into the creative world, home life, school. We’re wasting time doing things that don’t help us be productive, so we need to be better at managing our time, better at prioritizing our projects, better at getting things done. (Continued)

Violent Blues

roses are red
thanks for the first time
today is my favorite butter canada
christmas country life right now & i’m not sure
which one of the things i’m here for

flamingos are pink
& i’m sorry i’m at the dentist
today is my day last night
that means a lot to you & you

cats are black
spot gold rose to be in the chat
triggered by the time you get to see
how did you miss my best friends

ghosts are grey
today i just don’t think you
told her about the cat cupcakes
for real though i remember it being defined as swollen