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Caramel Interpretations

oh my so hilarious shadow
you take my breath away
with your crooked schemes & hijinx
until i cannot speak
my words caught like glass in my throat

oh my darling monster
my rapscallion from the underverse
it’s adorable how
you take my breath away
leaving my gasping in the dark
shaking with fear like a tree in a storm

my oh so delirious demon
sucking out all the light until
you take my breath away
& i lie down
& i curl up
& i can’t speak for drowning in better things


soon soon sleep so
satisfied surprise
so so soon slipped
so far out the slide
so goodbye to the eyes

lovely little vision
little looser glass

sleep so soon in deep
stymied by the sun
said zero soon soon
so sleepy when we’re done
said goodbye surprised

glossy little vision
goose a looser love

goodbye goodbye
gone sleepy out the side


i can’t hear the mermaids singing
maybe i never could
but at least i’m half-awake

even when i’m gasping for air
clutching at photographs
trying to remember the last time i was

half-asleep on a crescent moon
drifting through kaleidoscopic
dance party at the witching hour

the same song plays again & again
every time i put fear & whiskey in the jukebox

What I Mean, part 2

know what
treeing the lingering out of might
know rosy rosy in streaked
ever ever sequence never up in stark repose
central time never never heartache
your response woke what i dream

treeing the words
to do not speak never never
never never dawn no slow down
have left alphabet words
spacetime foaming just before

with all skip trap roses
grow sense of reality
just alphabet words morn daylight
out of that
i mean what

What I Mean, part 1

treeing the alphabet
words out of sequence
never never never know what to do
with all that i have left
never never not speak
never never slow down

roses grow
rosy rosy morn
daylight in streaked stark repose
treeing the alphabet
words out of spacetime
foaming ever ever skip trap response

woke up
in a dream
central time
just before dawn
no sense of reality
just a lingering heartache
you might know what i mean