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My Aura Aurora

what i wouldn’t give to
be a shimmering cloud of blue & silver
crimson lightning
you know
this storm of wasps inside
my meat is making things

a bag of blood is well & good
but still
sometimes i’d like to
be less weighed down
less broken
less flushed in the face
less sweat in the night

you know
sweaty can be fun too

Muna Minning Mer

who could forget my face in the mirror?
frozen like cereal
frozen forgotten
green as the pulse in the heart of sincere
green gallow gone away
comets come calling

will i forget my heart in reflection?
mirrored like symphony
mirrored like jazz
jazzed by the green of my face like sincere
hope hollow gone away
comets come calling

who could forget my face in sincerity?
secret like cereal
secret sea lions
silver that pulse in the heart mirrored here
silver slip gone away
comets come calling
comets come calling
comets come clean come forgotten come cold

Sanctuary Unfound

those trees so green
so grow
so go into the blue
into the sea, the sky
so why
so what if everything changes around you

this heart so chilled
so hot
so head into the red
into the dusk, the dawn
so wrong
so what if everything changes inside you

that wind so bright
so light
so lead yourself up
into the sky, the sigh
so wide
so when you will change the course before you

this song so slight
so sad
so sing into the green
into the woods, the wild
so why
so where your everything changes below

Self-Diagnostic 5

I think it’s time for another self-assessment check-in on how my brain is doing. This is gonna be fun! Let’s go! (Continued)

No Title Required

Well, yesterday’s descent into “my life hasn’t turned out the way I wanted it to when I was a kid, now I’m trapped in a banal existence that I can’t get out of because being an adult sucks, so why bother doing anything?” was a lot of fun*, but it’s time to wash that muck off and get back to the real world.

Whenever I have an existential crisis, it helps me to go back to my favorite explanation for why I should get out of bed and go out into the world every day. So here I go.

* fun as in “extensive dental work”, not fun as in “marathoning your favorite TV show.”