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Year’s End Self-Diagnostic #2

Just like I did last year, I’m going to take a few moments to look back at how this year went, how I’m doing right now, and how I’m going forward.


Lucky Rabbit in a Box

oh yes with the ocean
things by an ever
with an out with & not i with sweet emotion
nothing you do
the inevitable so you
the fountains mingle is single

all in the world & the rivers with the river
the winds of do
thine a chance & mingle
why encounter you want to avoid
the heaven mix for one spirit
meet impossible i have

For the Grins

draw your scars across the sky
near infinite
time your nightmares to begin at 2
no fear
no lunacy
just the insomnia of sweltering summer

with a loud noise
or a soft whine
or the crumbling or the stony night
wishing for thunderstorms
the eagerly anticipated sequel to tears

roll your bones on the table
bet on death
but always keep a few markers on life

An Impossible Story

On one hand, with the premise “adventurer can travel anywhere in time and space, in stories that can be pretty much any genre or mashup of genres”, it makes sense to me that Doctor Who would be such an incredibly long-running, popular series. But… (Continued)

Crown of Stars

all of the ashes around but still
you shine like the brightest star in the sky
i don’t understand
i probably never will
maybe it’s better that way
but i can’t keep my mouth shut
my face is frozen like this
a lump in my throat & a stone in my shoe
the world burning down around us but still
you shine like the brightest star in the sky
keeping me overflowing with
melted gold
the finest blood
my tears can never erase