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Burning Brilliant Bridges

a better moonbeam
a better springtime
original & faded with time
i photographed it
then i forgot it
lost in time

far away & for soon forgotten
laugh it all & laugh again

a better moonbeam
a better riptide
drown it all & fade it down
i memorized it
then i forgot it
a better moonbeam baby
next time

i won’t forget

Waiting for Pairing

brace for the space in your chest
that you feel when there’s nothing to feel
no snow blowing in the cold wind
she whispers so low
in your burned ears alone

never never so cold
never never could tell
bones old enough to break
though ever so cold

wasted space in the cave of your chest
water dripping like a lake you
never never could tell

Self-Diagnostic 6

It’s been five months since my last self-assessment post, but as I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I’m doing and where I am, I thought I’d go ahead and write a post. Get it all out of my head. Goodness knows I have a lot in my head. Not all of it needs to be shared, but here’s this. (Continued)

Punch Rag Wisp

what am i so afraid of?
i ask myself again & again
no house burned down
no planets cracked
no blood spilled at the end of the day

laughing laughing
again & again
the same crooked dance
all sweat & smirks
all shakes & stops
running around with an empty cup

& ringing the bell
into the insomniac station
blown up like a fish
the same crooked glance
no wars waged
no beds burned
no blood drunk at the end of the day

That’s Life, Rose Said

written with Diana Remigio

let’s begin in black

& it was in the silence that you found
your voice
your voice
to scream
burst at mountains that should have never formed
to feel the safety of your void

for there was never a home
no home to form

you are alone in this wasteland
you drew it yourself
torn in time, but sprinkled amongst your days
only to find a lover whom is nothing like your past

wake up!

& so let’s end with white