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Only Yesterday

let’s start with the darkness
moving south like broken glass
into fire
& mulberries
& wine
emerging as golden narratives

check boxes
smash clocks
unfurl instructions of maps & runes

don’t believe the darkness spreads
moving west with shingle speed
dragon eggs cracked open wide
& i’m crying
in the middle of the night

say it’s so
smash clocks
remembering days of maps & runes

it was so very long ago
& only yesterday

Star at Burrows

sometimes i hijack my own words
& this is only the beginning

chew crunch chalk
begin began beguiled bash
all amazed again
& this is only the beginning

quad ruled
tape runs out
16 minutes lost
words recut
& this is only the beginning

of the virus in my notebooks
never never never tell
nothing nobody no how
chew crunch chalk
over & over & over & over
& this is only the beginning

Request for a Lonely King

waltz with me still
oh snowfall in autumn
our pyramids growing like ice

& this densest of destinies
overthrown & wooden
cinema iron made passionate again

you know all these sidestreets
our chewing gum like heaven
oh sweet sugar snowfall of grace

dance with me still
my melancholy bestie
turning up pomegranate at midnight

Crane Your Neck

fear burning a devil brain
taste of copper & aluminum
no way to go
not sane
but breathing through the walls of the world

this messenger
boggled like clocks
sleep burning a desperate brain
rocked on
cradle rocks

no way to go to bed
covered in sweat & tears
ripped across
until pale as the full moon

don’t stop the stars
taste of ginger & titanium
seasoned by scars
you sparkle on, my dear

Finding Berries in Warm Climates

my standard
my standard is to not be what you want
so dry high
so cry that loneliness
swimming all alone now

we quaver like in school
new found wrinkle now this time
so dry
high enough why try
why try loneliness

my standard
toothy grin not expected so soon
alone blue ocean
alone that loneliness
swimming with you two now

sigh & say farewell
this skin so far no more alone