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Bleed the Sea

i’ve forgotten how the sea
it tastes like blood to me
& i can’t even breathe

i’ve forgotten how the sea
it drifts into my sleep
& amplifies my dreams
but can i ride the waves?

when i’m drowning in the day
i’ve lost the words to say
exactly why i’ll fade

when i’m sinking in the night
a peaceful ray of light
makes everything all right
but can i find my way?

can i ride the waves?
can i drink the sea?
can i find my way?
can i bleed my dreams?

The Deadly Nightshades

i wrote this torn apart
torn paper sad
that you pepper tight
you rushing & dare home of washed up sleep
on waves of your pocket’s cemetery

you have a dead thing still a doll
on coughed up once had a pillow underneath
it’s so unfair around but now
you’re like in barcelona

ever lost so cold as symphony his sleeve
ever lost felt all of a torn paper note
never dreamt & drum this mouth comatose
like washing your pocket’s pestilence of cold

i think of eyes never forever
never found your laughter unchained
prudence sawdust & glass in the briny palace
in again & but dormant in flowers
& frigid look at stormy sleep symphony
in blue symphony again

out a cartoon as in with nothing left
with nothing left but chill
chilled all stormy in the asunder broke up
stamped & whistling in seas all snowy
& the catacombs torn up it all began
the seas go to the underworld in your chest
your tempests out the wintry slipshod

shafted after drowning little fool
picks out drifting in the the seas
sandwiched across to wear the catacombs
symphony stone the eiderdown
sludges through places you cannot feel

all teacups & in leave of your heart?
in leave of your heart?
into your spider house again at midnight
don’t you see it is ever true stormy
i wrote this torn apart
torn paper sad
your veins
the deeps
your bed
good night

“You Are Not a Special Snowflake”

Yes, you absolutely are. Your brain works differently than everyone else’s. The amount and types of food you need to get you through the day is differently than everyone else’s needs. Your wants, your hopes, your needs are different than everyone else’s.

We’re all handcrafted, not factory knockoffs. We’re all individuals and we should be treated as such. And those people who say, “You’re not a special snowflake”? They all want to be treated as individuals, too. They just don’t want to put the effort into treating others as individuals. Fuck those people.

What Comes Next

don’t race cavalier
steeplechase thin veneer
carnival crashsite
ukulele overnight
out of sight satellite
cocoa & cream
marshmallow scream
team-up pony ride
epiphanic seaside
peaches & grapes
railroad escape
wanderbook in a fizz
business end of grace
cavalier don’t race

not until the very last
happily ever after


i blossom in the winter
i blossom in the winter
i know it might seem strange to you
i know what it’s like
to wake up on the wrong side
with midnight staring back at you

i’m drowning in the summer
i’m drowning in the summer
the sunlight’s much too bright for me
they say it’s not the heat
it’s the flooding of humidity
but all i know is i can’t breathe

i colored the flowers
i colored the flowers
grayscale doesn’t mean that much to me
i watered the acorns
i watered the carrots
this world is growing like a weed

i’m erasing all the blackouts
you can kiss the colors hello
i want to make your dreams come true
red turns into yellow
pasted on the green seas
i’m turning all the world to blue